Anxious toil vs. God’s peace

6 Aug

Psalm 127:2 “It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for God gives sleep to his beloved.”

Isn’t that what we all want – whether you’re a child, a student or an adult? We want to sleep peacefully.

But all too often we rise up early, go to bed late and eat the bread of anxious toil. Some of us HAVE TO rise up early, HAVE TO go to bed late, but we DON’T have to eat the bread of anxious toil.

If we are reminded that we are connected to Christ then when that job or relationship is hard, we will remember that Christ is in control.

But if we think it is all about us being in control, then we eat the bread of anxious toil. We don’t hear His words of comfort, perspective and encouragement.

What a description! “Eating the bread of anxious toil,” and bread is a staple. “Eating the bread of anxious toil” means a constant diet of anxiety!

Subway sandwiches offers us all kind of bread: Italian white, 9- grain wheat, parmesan oregano, honey oat, roasted garlic, Italian herbs and cheese. The Psalmist is saying if you live a life not centered on God then you only get the bread of anxious toil, with mustard, mayo and jalapenos!

But we don’t want to live a life of anxious toil! We don’t want to be marathon runners in a rat race! We don’t want to be carrying burdens of meaningless work. So how do we get off of the treadmill of that kind of anxious sleep?

Ivy Toh, sister of my wonderful assistant Gary Toh, recently wrote this on her Facebook page, which is the essence of what I am trying to say: “How wonderful it is to feel happy and peaceful not knowing what will happen next and not being burdened by the lack of that knowledge and not trying to second guess God.”

Somehow, I think it all comes down to knowing deep in our hearts how much Jesus loves us and how much He has done for us. Only then will we really want to trust Him with all of the things in our life. What kind of God is He that even though He’s completely innocent, perfect and loving, would take a bullet for me? My God is the kind of God who would let Himself be tortured, allow a crown of thorns to pierce His skull and let Himself be crucified on a cross so that I would know of His love, and be able to live a life with his power and peace!

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