Life In the Spirit!

25 Aug

The Life in the Spirit conference went even better than I expected! God showed up in ways that surprised me first in numbers but also in people’s intensity of being so open about healing. Sore crooked backs straightened. Pain in feet, hands, back and arms disappeared. People felt cared for and loved. Thank you to all the HIM volunteers/staff who helped make the weekend happen for me and so many others. Great teaching by Jack Deere, Mike Evans and Christy Pierce.

And for added blessings – more than 350 people showed up to the FPC Healing Service on Sunday night after the conference. We witnessed many healings there too. The testimonies are still coming in, so I’ll post more on that later.

After I posted last, I realized I should probably mention the other books on my nightstand. I tend to read a bunch of books at the same time, so here’s my current eclectic list. I don’t mean to shamelessly plug these books (I’m not making a commission, in case you were wondering), just answering the question, “Dan, what are you reading now?” So here the continuation of my long-winded answer…. 🙂

  1. Come Creator Spirit by Raniero Cantalamessa (about the Holy Spirit). Good theology.
  2. God at Work by Ken Costa (about implementing God in your job written by the Vice-Chairman of UBS Investment Bank, based in London). Hope to use this in our church.
  3. The Earth Moved by Amy Steward (on Earth Worms). Thinking about having worms eat my leftovers. Go Green for God!! 
  4. Mourning Becomes Cassandra by Christina Dudley (by the wife of colleague Scott Dudley pastor of First Presbyterian Church Bellevue, Washington). Great easy  beach reading novel, but sad topic. Young mom loses husband and child in a car crash, and it’s how she recovers.
  5. God On Mute by Peter Greig  (about not hearing God when we suffer, but He is really there. His wife and mother of his kids came down with epilepsy. He is on staff at Holy Trinity Brompton, London, where I studied this summer. Hope to have him speak at HIM conference next month


2 Responses to “Life In the Spirit!”

  1. lumster August 27, 2010 at 12:02 am #

    FPC should setup a worm compost system for all the food waste from the kitchen.

  2. Dan Chun September 9, 2010 at 5:02 pm #

    Funny you should mention worms. I am actually studying the whole worm compost thing for myself and for the church. Reading up on worms as you can see in my reading list. Thanks for mentioning it.

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