Thank you!!!

30 Aug


I wanted to thank you for all for Friday night’s marvelous celebration. If you want to see all the photos, click here. 

For me it was an out of body experience. Surreal. To  drive pass a Mickey-Mouse-gloved Ross and Jan Kutsunai, while in a  surprise-to-my-family limo, onto a star-studded red carpet and to have people applauding and taking photos and asking for autographs and to see people from the mainland (my college pastor and Mark from Compassion International who had flown in was nearly overwhelming.  My brother in law Tony Lee said I looked radiant when I sat down at the dinner table. I guess it was because I felt so loved.

I was stunned to see the ballroom so beautifully decorated with the NEW BLUE curtain and the posters and stars, and my new pulpit that had a golden waterfall. And then there were the costumes! I was truly dazed when I walked by Rosella and didn’t even recognize her nor the Dreaded Pirates Dean and Sherri. And the set design of the Oscars and the stars and the follow spot and the timpani were outrageous!

The program was very touching and reeked of excellence. You all spent a lot of money and time and thought. I could tell. It was done so well. The table decorations, the flowers (thank you Shelley), the amazing video (which must have taken Brian a zillion hours to edit) , the flowers, the Sound of Music closing (one of my favorite musicals and movies!), the Choir singing one of my favorite songs even with Pirates (yay, Mary!), the humor, the surprise appearance of the Governor, the tuxedo-ed emcee, the Oscar presentation with even the beautiful Loke giving out envelopes, Cory’s moving song and his great rendition of my pidgin English and I Wish I Were a Billionaire. The pacing was fantastic, and your praise (which I am thankful for and touched by your kindness) was fortunately not overly sentimental or maudlin.  The food was delicious and thanks for making me a special tofu curry!! Thank you Daryl and Chef Jim and the KB Team. I was touched that the Governor did not do a drive by but actually stayed for the program. I loved the closing credits. And it was sentimental for me to see Rick Ames doing the sound who had done so many HIM and Christmas Eve/Easter productions with us.
I know you tried to present a program that I would like and you hit it on the nose. It moved. There was fun and laughter for all and I think everyone had a good time…even at my expense!!

I know Ron and Kirk were probably the Executive Producers so thank you for the script and design. I am sure the worship team was involved too esp with the Cast of  Sound of music and the Costumes. And of course Beebe’s performance during the video! And Jim Becker and his Congregational Life Team. Thank you!! First Class. Five Stars. And I know Gary and Rosella were running a lot of errands for this.  And the Support Staff I am sure leaned in to help push the production along.

Thank you for having Phil Spaulding there to take great pictures. I’ll have everlasting memories.

Truly as I said, it was like hearing a eulogy without having died. You were all so kind and generous.

I realize most people do not have the chance to hear such things or have such things in  their honor. Thanks for doing this for me. It was like an Amazing Extreme Makeover where a ballroom changed magically in one night due to hours of construction to bring great joy to a family and you did so for the Chuns! Pam and I are grateful for all that you did.

Since I was kept in the dark on this, I hope I didn’t LEAVE OUT anyone in thanking. I know you all chipped in to help.

I saw at the end of the night Shelley taking down decorations as a one-woman clean up team on a ladder pulling down the stars/decorations off of the wall. (Thank you!)

But know that you are the real stars that no one can pull down.

Thank you so much.

I am very grateful for you all….thanks for making it a wonderful, wonderful world.


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