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Video interview with Bronson Chang

24 Dec

I’m looking forward to a new shaved ice store coming in Feb 2011. It will be called “Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha” at the Aina Haina shopping Center. What’s unique about this place is that it will use organic & all-natural ingredients for its shaved ice, which, by the way, is the best I’ve ever had! Got a preview of what’s to come when Pam and I went to a sample tasting of their shaved ice last weekend. (Yum!) Owners Clay Chang and Bronson Chang’s philosophy behind their business: How can we create a space where everyone who comes in is treated with aloha and like ohana? They want to create an environment where people feel connected and at the same time enjoy the shaved ice and candy they’ll be carrying in their store. Check it out in February!

Koele Lodge on Lanai

21 Dec

Was at Koele Lodge on the island of Lanai to officiate the wedding of Shawn Ching (former TV newscaster 7 currently an attorney & UH football commentator) and Stephanie Uechi (attorney).


Happy Anniversary, Honey!

21 Dec

Pam and I made 29 years this past weekend! And here’s what I had for dessert at the Orchids Restaurant (Halekulani Hotel): chocolate pudding with peanut caramel inside, and topped with apple banana ice cream and wafer.


Social Network Christmas video

21 Dec

Very very cool! Christmas Story told through Facebook.