“dan chun” is a verb?

10 Feb


Did you know that “dan chun” is a verb? Well, a made-up verb, that is, according to my Executive Assistant, Rosella Shishido, who stumbled upon it on Urban Dictionary, the online dictionary of words totally made up by various people. She said the word was created in 2009, and is defined as “to be ambitious; to do whatever it takes to win; excessively compete.”

Can you use that in a sentence, please? Sure.

“When I knew I couldn’t win on talent or experience, I had to do some tampering and dan chun my way to the top.”

The Urban Dictionary says “dan chun” has a negative connotation, so to put a positive spin to it, I think being ambitious for the Lord is a good thing. For as long as we don’t do it for self-gain.

I wonder which Dan Chun was the word based on considering that on LinkedIn (online networking tool) alone, there are 25 guys named Dan Chun!

Here’s the link to “dan chun” in Urban Dictionary. Who knows? Your name might be in there, too. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=dan%20chun

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