Let me tell you a story, the Yogur Story.

15 Mar

We went to the newly opened (4 months new) “Yogur Story” restaurant in Honolulu this past weekend to celebrate friend/colleague David Kusumoto’s birthday. I really like the place (decent prices, too!). It has a full yogurt bar, plus unique and interesting items on the menu, like Fat Pig Fried Rice, Prime Rib Loco Moco, Oreo Waffles with white chocolate, Red Velvet Waffles with taro crème, chocolate drizzle and red velvet croutons, Dolce de Leche (pecan pretzel crunch served with caramel, whipped crème and caramelized banana)!  Whatever! I had the Belgian Waffles with Frozen Yogurt, strawberries and blueberries (yum!). 

I also like Yogur Story’s interior design. They have a tree in there, a cool second floor, free wi-fi, and big TV projector for those who just can’t eat without the TV on. “Yogur Story” is open till 10 pm. Next time I have got to try their other meals. Nice to see new restaurants opening on the tail end of recession.


Yogur Story on Keeaumoku Street (behind Sorabol Restaurant).



Celebrating Dave Kusumoto’s birthday with wife Shayna and kids.



Belgian Waffles with frozen yogurt, strawberries and blueberries.



Yes, there’s a tree inside the restaurant.



A more relaxed seating on the second floor.



Yes, you can watch TV while you eat!



Giant light fixtures serve as fillers for all that open space.

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