Perry on the Left, and Price on the Right (and Dan in the Middle!)

20 Mar

It was a fun Saturday morning with Perry and Price today! The HIM (Hawaiian Islands Ministries) Band did a couple of numbers at the Perry and Price (radio) show at Jimmy Buffet to promote the upcoming “Honolulu 2011” conference. Cory, Adj, Loke, Wendell, Tanner and Cherie performed, while I was interviewed about the conference. “Honolulu 2011” is from March 24-26 at the Hawaii Convention Center. I hope you can come and be spiritually refreshed.


Perry on the left (their left), Price on the right (their right) and Dan Chun in the middle.



The HIM Band: (L-R) Adj, Cory, Loke, Wendell and Cherie



A good size crowd watching the Perry & Price Saturday Morning Show  
at Jimmy Buffet (Waikiki)

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