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Posterior vitreous detachment – RNIB

28 Aug

It was weird. My Life Long Friend whom I have known longer than Pam has a new relationship with me. He has been with me for every meaningful event in my life – Sports. Concerts. My conversion. My ordination. Was at my wedding and at all the births of my children. In fact, he was at MY birth! Long time friend, indeed.

I’m talking about my right eye.

The change in our relationship started just a week ago.

I’m driving along and I keep thinking I have some hair in front of my eye. Black thing  floating in the air in front of me. Then I would see the letter “C” in black always before me, bouncing around like those images on your TV/Computer screen when it is asleep. When I wore glasses I kept cleaning them because I would see a smudge. But then I noticed I would see a spot of smudge, (like a small cobweb) even when I wore contacts. I would see flashes of light so I kept adjusting my car shade visor.

Call me starry-eyed.

So I go to get my eyes dilated and examined yesterday and the doc says I have Posterior Vitreous Detachment  (PVD) in my right eye.

No danger to my sight which didn’t change from last year’s exam, but it’s a hassle for the rest of my life to have these symptoms. Nothing I can do about it.  The optometrist said it happens as we get older and since I once had an elbow smack my right eye and a ball hit my right eye  both due to sports when I was younger that probably didn’t help, he said. I even remember my high school classmate, Dennis, throwing a magazine at me when I wasn’t looking and it hit my right eye so hard that I saw stars. (Yeah, Punahou is a rough neck school. They don’t use knives but magazines….but big, heavy ones, I tell you!).

In case you want to know more about PVD -here’s a cool link.


Sorry to say it will happen to all of us someday. But seeing lights can also mean a detached retina so you gotta get it checked asap.

So if you think I am staring at you….I’m really just looking at the wonderful light show inside my eye.

God has your back. But I don’t have my eye on you.

Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce Art Show

23 Aug

My sister-in-law, Karen Lee, was selected to show at the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce Art Show at Linekona School. Her painting is called, "Fear Not."