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WorshipCentral England

2 Nov

I’m back home after a week in London with Pam and the First Prez worship team. We attended the “WorshipCentral Conference 2011,” an annual training conference hosted by WorshipCentral (a school out of Holy Trinity Brompton Church) for worship leaders and their teams, and anyone who loves to worship the Lord. This year’s conference was held on Oct 28 and 29 at Holy Trinity Brompton’s London sites. We felt refreshed and equipped through practical workshops, inspired teachings and the amazing performances of guests like Matt Redman, Martin Smith and Nikki Fletcher. God showed up at that conference, and I’m so thankful that we did, too.

Pam and I traveled with the First Prez Honolulu worship team: Roslyn Catracchia, Mary Hicks, Chevas Wong, Cory and Loke Oliveros, Adj Larioza and staff member Gary Toh and his wife Selina Chen. We got to London two days before the conference so we had some time to catch a couple of shows and visit London’s famed “Abbey Road” recording studios, made famous by the Beatles. We didn’t actually go inside the studios but we did cross the road in front of it in an attempt to capture the scene depicted on the 1969 Beatles album also called Abbey Road.

We had a great and memorable time in London. And we’re back refreshed an inspired to lead our church is worshiping our Lord in spirit and in truth.


Our Hawaii Worship Team in London with host Eric Jonsson. As you can see, Hawaii people think 50 degree weather is cold and so dress up appropriately for a warm blooded person.


With Nicky and Pippa Gumbel of Holy Trinity Brompton. Nicky Gumbel is the developer of the Alpha Course. 


Famous British Best-selling author Andrew Smith who wrote, “Moondust in Search of Men Who Fell to Earth.” It’s about the only 12 men on earth who went to the moon. Smith says he writes alone but edits in public. Happened to sit next to him at the same table while he was editing at The Clifton in London. Gee, didn’t JK Rowling write Happy Potter in a pub.  And I write out the sermon schedule at the Halekulani during breakfast. Great minds think alike. 


Going up from subway in London on long escalators. This looks like an Album cover with Noelle and the Toh’s and Oliveros’. What a great trip.