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Meeting Wo Fat’s Dad on Father’s Day

18 Jun

Pam and I visited Grace Bible Church Pearlside on Father’s Day and met 5-0 Wo Fat’s (Mark Dacascos who is also Iron Chef emcee The Chairman) dad – Al Dacasco – who spoke at their special Father’s Day service. He also did a martial arts demonstration on stage!


Lams of God

11 Jun

Congratulations to JP Lam and his beautiful bride, Yukari! We were honored to attend their wedding today. 



This one is a little more in focus, with JP in Japanese garb. Great reception. JP sang. Anthony Evans sang. Feature video by Joel and Kristy. 


With Steve Smith and his wife Stephanie Butler. Steve is a Fuller Seminary grad and a pastor of a church in LA. Stephanie is an actress. She’s been casted in the TV shows “CSI” and “Shark.” She also played the role of Ruth Graham in the 2008 movie “Billy: The Early Years.