While In La Jolla

21 Sep

In La Jolla, CA for a PCUSA pastors meeting. It turns out to be two blocks away from one of Mitt Romney’s houses. Here’s a picture of the front door to his compound. I heard there is a big lawn, and it’s right on the beach. I did notice, too, that a neighbor had an Obama-Biden sign. Hmmmm.



With Mimi and Sim Fulcher prior to the Presbytery meeting. 


Visiting with Sharon Patel, her daughter Grace and son Daniel (my namesake) in Del Mar, CA, prior to a Presbytery meeting. Daniel beat me in pingpong 3 games in a row; he has a mean serve! He leads the series 5-2.

Moments ago a historic moment at the Patel household. FedEx man on right delivers to Sharon Patel (with son Daniel on left) her new iPhone 5. (Staying with the Patels while in La Jolla. I’ve been friends with Sharon and husband Vip since my days at Menlo Park.)


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