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More from New York

22 Oct

Worshipped the Lord at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Here we are with Redeemer’s pastor, Tim Keller.

Also attended the worship service at New Life Church in Queens. Great worship!

Pictured here with New Life Church Pastor Geri Scazzero.

Pam and I with New Life Church Pastors Geri and Pete Scazzero.

Met and stayed with Justin and Kira Wheeler in NYC at a shared guest apartment. Justin and Kira are Biola grads, and they are the founders of LINK (Liberty In North Korea), which helps refugees from North Korea.  Kira has relatives in Hawaii.

With the family in New York.


Visiting Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC

21 Oct

Entrance of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York



With David Plant, former bartender and actor, who’s now a youth pastor and video producer at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC



My wife Pam with David Plant, youth minister at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC. David was a member at First Prez Honolulu.



Mike Keller, son of Pastor Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC. Mike is the Redeemer College pastor, and he’s wearing a t-shirt I want.



Here’s the back of the piggly-wiggly shirt.



At the holy of holies–Pastor Tim Keller’s office!



Another shot of Pastor Tim Keller’s office.



Staff lounge of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC.


In New York

18 Oct

IN New York with Pam this week for a short Hawaiian Islands Ministries business trip and vacation. Will be meeting with staff members of Redeemer Presbyterian Church and then listen to Pastor Tim Keller preach on Sunday.


Time for a haircut.

10 Oct


More Pics with the Millars and Emmy

9 Oct


A Bird’s Eye View

5 Oct

I was on the phone while walking Max this morning on Dole St. and Wilder Ave., when something suddenly landed on my shoulder by the back of my neck! I thought it was a big moth at first, but it turned out to be this lovebird. It was so tamed that it walked with me and Max for about 250 feet before it flew away. It jumped from my shoulder, to my head, to my finger, and then back to my shoulder. Is it possible that the Lord is confirming with me that this is “Life in the Spirit” conference week?


Our special guests, the Millars and Emmy

4 Oct

Pam and I at Halekulani Hotel with Sandy and Annette Millar from London. Sandy designed the Alpha Course that has been taken by more than 10 million people. Sandy is the former vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton in London, a bishop of Uganda, and the assistant Bishop in London. Sandy and Annette are in Honolulu to speak at HIM’s “Life in the Spirit Conference” Oct 5-6. Sandy will also be preaching at First Prez this Sunday. He will be joined by Emmy Wilson from London, creator of Alpha Prison Ministries.


Looking forward to greeting all of you at Life in the Spirit tonight and tomorrow! This is what I hope heaven will look like! 




Pam and I with (L-R) Emmy Wilson, Annette Millar, and Sandy Millar who are all visiting from London. Join us and be prayed over by them or our prayer team at tonight’s Healing Service at First Prez. Come and experience the Lord’s healing touch.



The Rev. Emmy Wilson of Holy Trinity Brompton. London, in town for HIM’s conference on the Holy Spirit. Emmy is the first European woman ordained in northern Uganda. Emmy will be at the Healing Service at First Prez and will be preaching at First Prez on Oct 14th.