10 Nov

I’m in El Salvador this week with 17 pastors from Hawaii and San Diego. We’re here to visit Compassion projects and see first-hand how Compassion is helping children in need in Jesus’ name.

At the home of a Compassion child. L-R: Peter from the Compassion USA office (born in Uganda and was a Compassion sponsored child himself); Brandon Ahu (New Hope Church), me, Elwin Ahu (New Hope Church), Rick Bundschuh (Kauai Christian Church), the pastor of the church that heads up this Compassion project (in the foreground), and the Compassion child’s mother and brother.


Here’s another shot of us in the Compassion child’s home. The mother was so grateful for what Compassion is doing for her family that she broke into tears.


Why do we give through Compassion? To release a little boy like this from poverty in Jesus’ name.


Brandon Ahu and I making funny faces as we pose with one of the Compassion children there.


Playing soccer in one of the Compassion projects in El Salvador. I was on the Roja team, and we played again the Azul team. The game ended in a tie.


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