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Proven principles for picking a spouse

27 Feb

I did an interview for Debbie Chavez in California–listen to it here!

Princeton Mom vs. the Facts

23 Feb

Susan Patton’s argument that college women should be looking for husbands doesn’t square with the reality of today’s marriages.

The First Lesson of Marriage 101: There Are No Soul Mates

22 Feb

A course at Northwestern University teaches students about what makes a healthy relationship.

The Rise of the Man-gagement Ring – Samantha Zabell – The Atlantic

21 Feb



7 Feb

My new book “How to Pick A Spouse: A Proven, Practical Guide to Finding a Lifelong Partner” is now out on Kindle! The audio book version comes out Feb 25th, and the book itself will be launched on March 9th at First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu. If you’re considering getting married, this will help you find out if you’re marrying the right person.