7 Feb

My new book “How to Pick A Spouse: A Proven, Practical Guide to Finding a Lifelong Partner” is now out on Kindle! The audio book version comes out Feb 25th, and the book itself will be launched on March 9th at First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu. If you’re considering getting married, this will help you find out if you’re marrying the right person.

Pig Tails

24 Jan

Pig Tails

Eating pig tails at the famous Tosca Cafe in San Fran where Bono and Sean Penn hangout. U2 can eat here. If only the food was uh….pro Bono.



23 Jan

Photo Bomb

Unexpectedly bumped into Guy Kawasaki in Menlo Park’s Cafe Borone. Rob Burgess photo bombed me. He’s the former CEO of Macromedia. ON my way to Fuller Trustee Board meeting.

Amazon is advertising my book!

21 Dec


Real Life Law and Order

22 Aug

Check this out. I thought they were filming Law and Order, but no; this is the real thing. Undercover cops take away a guy from a restaurant in New York. A few nights ago, a fight broke out near our table at another New York restaurant. It took five waiters to take the guy down.

Real Life Law and Order 1 Real Life Law and Order 2

New York Times

16 Aug

NY Times

A shot of the New York Times building (the one all the way to the right), designed by world renowned architect Renzo Piano. I took this shot just seconds before I dropped my phone and broke its glass. Time to get a new iPhone this fall!

Hunter College, NYC

16 Aug
My first time at Hunter College. Pam and I help Quinn move into his dorm tomorrow.
Hunter 1
Hunter College is home to 20,000 students. Basically, 3 big buildings over 3 blocks connected by glass walk ways.
Hunter 2
The view from one of the glass walk ways at Hunter.
Hunter 3
The entrance to Hunter’s west campus.
Hunter 4
Quinn’s dorm room: two bunk beds, two modems, private bathroom(!) , full-sized refrigerator(!!), microwave, TV, phone but no kitchen or cafeteria for meals. It’s a corner room on the 17th floor with a great view.
Hunter 5

At Gramercy Tavern, NYC

16 Aug
Pam and I went to the famous Gramercy Tavern today starting off our with a nice non-alcoholic Navarro Vineyard pinot noir and Gewürztraminer grape juice.
Gramercy 1 Gramercy 2
Fresh roasted smoked oyster. Very different and very tasty.
Gramercy 3
Warm tomato and seafood salad with toasted sourdough, cucumber, and lime
Gramercy 4
Something different: duck meatloaf, Quite yummy.
Gramercy 5
Ginger ice cream with strawberry pie
Gramercy 6

At DBGB, New York

16 Aug
It’s Retaurant Week in New York City, a time when people can eat at famous restaurants at discounted prices. Our first stop was DBGB Kitchen and Bar, owned by Michelin star Chef Daniel Boulud. This kitchen and bar is his lower-end restaurant, but I have to say that these might have been the best burger, hot dog, cheese cake, and strawberry sundae I’ve ever had! Check out these photos.
We took the very first reservation to make sure we get it. It was packed when we left.
Fantastic caprese salad!

At Hakkasan, NYC

16 Aug
Dan at Hakkasan
In New York City with friends Bill, Becky, and Anna Hwang. They took us out to a real treat: dinner at our first Michelin star Chinese restaurant called Hakkasan. We had great dim sum made in unusual shapes. Super pork ribs and duck. This was a nice prelude to taking Quinn to college this weekend when he checks into Hunter College in Manhattan. We will miss him greatly.