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Passion Concert

2 Apr

2photoPassion Concert

Seeing Louie Giglio at Passion Concert in Honolulu.



7 Feb


My new book “How to Pick A Spouse: A Proven, Practical Guide to Finding a Lifelong Partner” is now out on Kindle! The audio book version comes out Feb 25th, and the book itself will be launched on March 9th at First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu. If you’re considering getting married, this will help you find out if you’re marrying the right person.

Pig Tails

24 Jan

Pig Tails

Eating pig tails at the famous Tosca Cafe in San Fran where Bono and Sean Penn hangout. U2 can eat here. If only the food was uh….pro Bono.



23 Jan

Photo Bomb

Unexpectedly bumped into Guy Kawasaki in Menlo Park’s Cafe Borone. Rob Burgess photo bombed me. He’s the former CEO of Macromedia. ON my way to Fuller Trustee Board meeting.


2 Aug

What a time to injure my knee. Good thing I have great nurses in Molly and Max.

So what does one do while on sabbatical leave? Well, anything actually that will promote rest and recreation. Today was unusual. I spent it in the x-ray room of an orthopedic surgeon’s office.

Why? Blame it on my Waikiki wipeout.

It was late yesterday afternoon when I was making my third attempt at stand-up paddle boarding. I had caught a nice wave when the front of my board suddenly pearled (like diving in search for pearls, which in this case is not good). I fell into the water at which point I slashed my left foot in three places on a mound of coral.

Afraid that I was leaving a bloody trail for a Great White shark that may be lurking close to Waikiki (who knows, right?), I paddled in. Got off my board as I hit waist-high water and started limping toward the shore with the board tucked under my arm. And then a huge wave hit me at just about the same time that two tourists decided to swim near me! Not wanting my nine-foot board to hit them, I held onto it, but then the wave caused the board to twist me while my right foot was planted into the sand.

X-rays confirmed that I had strained the MCL (medial collateral ligament) of my right knee, and it does mean there were probably some micro-tears in the MCL. My brother-in-law Albie, who’s also a physical therapist, said to me matter-of-factly, “Straining an MCL is a pretty painful thing to do.”

Surgeon and physical therapist (PT) say that it will take 3 to 4 weeks for my knee to get back to normal. I have to stay off my feet as much as possible.

Recommendations from my doctor and PT friends: Ice the knee every hour for 20 minutes to reduce swelling. Sleep with your foot as high up as possible, higher than the level of your heart. One even suggested putting my leg on a big exercise ball while sleeping. (Can you believe it?) And go for physical therapy three times a week to reduce swelling and pain.

Would appreciate prayers for quick recovery and healing especially because:

  • I leave in 11 days to go to New York for two weeks to send off my son to college. This will mean a lot of walking and carrying luggage into the dorm. This could be challenging. Right now I can’t do stairs without screaming in pain. (But then in subways, who can hear you scream?)
  • It hurts (duh)! An 8 out of 10 on the pain scale when I move a certain way.
  • I can’t walk the dogs, which is a bummer. Pray for them as this will be the first time Pam and I will be both gone for two weeks.
  • I am trying to finish my How to Pick A Spouse book. These office visits detract me from my goal. (Hey, if this book is successful maybe I can have a series of books like How to Pick Out a Louse, How to Pick a House, How to Pick a Mouse [for a Pet]. Sorry, I think the painkillers are affecting my brain.)

I haven’t gotten injured for years. Not since I caught a woman who tripped at a funeral, and then we both fell back crashing into the marble pulpit causing hairline fractures in my shoulder. I had to wear a sling on a trip to South Carolina in the days that followed. But that’s another story.

JOE AND BARBARA GRIMES – Heroes of the Faith

24 Jul


When I heard that Joe and Barbara were leaving Hawaii in mid-August, I wanted to see them one last time before they moved to the mainland. Since I was on sabbatical till September I would miss them before I came back, so I drove out to Ka Punawai Ola in Kapolei, the nursing home where Barbara was staying. When I got there, husband Joe and their son Chuck were visiting too.

Joe and Barbara have been worshipping the Lord at First Prez for 27 years! You may not know this but they are heroes of the faith who have tremendously contributed to the Kingdom of God.

   You see, Joe and Barbara are Wycliffe Bible translators. They have devoted their lives to Bible translation since graduating from Wheaton College 50 years ago. They are currently coordinating the process of translating the Scriptures into Hawaii Pidgin English for the estimated 500,000 Pidgin English speakers, and especially for the estimated 100,000 to 200,000 (according to a University of Hawaii study) who use Pidgin English as their primary language. These are the ones who found reading the Bible in English too difficult.  

The Hawaii Pidgin New Testament, known as Da Jesus Book, was dedicated in Hawaii in June 2001. By October 2003, it was in its fourth printing having sold more than 85,000 copies (you can even get it at COSTCO). In fact, it has been on the bestseller list in Hawaii 16 times! The goal now is to have the Old Testament in Pidgin too. (Their son Chuck, by the way, is also a Wycliffe translator, who’s currently translating the Bible for a people group in Indonesia.)

But more than that, the Grimes are the creators of The Ethnologue (ethnologue.com), a reference website cataloging all of the world’s known living languages. Barbara was Ethnologue’s longest serving editor from 1974 to 2000, and Joe did a lot of the field research. This scholarly journal and site is the definitive global standard for all languages and cultures of all people groups. It is used by governments and universities all over the world, and recognized by the United Nations. 

So if anyone anywhere in the world wants to know the cultural background of a certain people group, The Ethnologue is the first stop, thanks to the Grimes. This is an incredible contribution to the work of God and to the world.

Wycliffe is predicting that within the next generation and for the first time in history, all people groups will have a version of the Bible translated into their native languages. 

Bible translation may not sound very appealing, but it is critically important. It’s painstakingly slow and gets little public acclaim. Imagine people not even having a Bible! First Prez wanted to be there for our Wycliffe partners, and so for at least the last 20 years, Wycliffe has been the biggest recipient of mission money from First Prez. In our own small way, and in the Grimes’ big way, it is becoming possible for all peoples, all nations to have a chance to read God’s word in their own languages. This is an amazing accomplishment considering the millions of languages that exist today.

The Grimes alone have completed four full Bible translations in their five decades of ministry, which is an incredible number. Aside from translating the Bible to pidgin, Joe is also simultaneously working on a translation for a Mexican people group—astonishing to say the least. 

Joe and Barbara are leaving for Oklahoma so they can have a better environment for recovery from medical issues. Barbara had a stroke on May 3rd and needs six months to recover. Joe had heart surgery on June 14th. And with their Medicare coverage running out, they will need to move to a Christian retirement home to where some of their Wheaton friends have also moved. We will miss Joe and Barbara.

Fortunately there will be some folks in Hawaii who will take over for the Grimes in finishing the last part of the Pidgin Bible project, which has the books of Job, Song of Songs, and Ezekiel only remaining.

As Joe and Barbara leave Hawaii, let’s give them our fondest aloha. I can just imagine God saying to them, “Well done, My good and faithful servants, Joe and Barbara. You are heroes of the faith.”


Father’s Day 2013

17 Jun

Father's Day 2013

Celebrating Father’s Day with Quinn at DK Steakhouse, Honolulu. They serve the best steaks!

Weekend at Fuller Seminary

17 Jun

Pam and Neil Warren



Neil Warren and me

I met Neil Warren, founder of e-Harmony, at the Fuller Commencement. He confirmed that Pam was a good choice for me!

I attended the Fuller graduation lunch of Michelle Fukumoto where I also met DJ Williams, the producer and director of the TV show Restoration Road. It was a show that shared lessons on God’s plans to restore us through other people’s stories of restoration. He is also the author of a new book that just came out  this month called The Disillusioned – about a pastor’s family and their battle against sex slavery.

DJ Williams

DJ Williams


Noelle Speaking at the World Innovation Conference!

7 Jun


Amazing! My daughter Noelle got invited to speak at this World Innovation Conference in Cannes, France! Look at the list of speakers – really great companies and people…and then there’s that picture of Noelle as a speaker and she looks like 15 years old! So proud of her!

Quinn’s Baccalaureate

28 May

With Pam and our son Quinn at the Punahou School baccalaureate service over the weekend. Graduation scheduled for Saturday, June 1st.

Quinn with his buddies at baccalaureate.