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7 Feb


My new book “How to Pick A Spouse: A Proven, Practical Guide to Finding a Lifelong Partner” is now out on Kindle! The audio book version comes out Feb 25th, and the book itself will be launched on March 9th at First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu. If you’re considering getting married, this will help you find out if you’re marrying the right person.

Alpha Celebration Dinner

23 May


At the Alpha Celebration Dinner on Wednesday, May 22nd

A group shot of all the Alpha group leaders

Blessed by Jamie Haith

16 Apr

On April 14th we on the Alpha Course did a one-day Alpha Retreat off-campus. We spent the day away at Manoa Valley Church. We were blessed to have Jamie Haith from Alpha London talk about how we can be empowered by God’s Holy Spirit. Pictured below with me are Jamie, his wife Andi, and son Thomas. 


New Canaan Society Conference

5 Mar

I spent the first weekend of March in Washington D.C. where I attended a men’s conference hosted by the New Canaan Society (NCS). We listened to various speakers who encouraged pastors and Christian business leaders how to be “all in” for Jesus.

The speakers included Tim Keller (author and pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC), Jack Deere (pastor of Wellspring Church in Dallas-Fort Worth), Eric Metaxas (author) , Larry Crabb (Bible teacher and psychologist) and Greg Brenneman (Chairman of CCMP Capital, and is known for the major turnarounds of companies like Burger King). 

It was an amazing conference. 

One of the men I met at the conference was Rich Halvorson, founder of Global Fast, a charity-driven movement to end poverty in this generation. Global Fast works hand in hand with Compassion International. Rich is also one of the founders of the new airline “Surf Air” that will run between and Southern Cal and Northern Cal cities.

Just being with a large group of men who are not ashamed to be known as followers of Christ and interacting with them made the weekend worth the 5,000-mile journey for me.

I went to the conference with Kirk Leavy, our Executive Coordinator at First Prez, at the invitation of Jack Deere, one of the founder of NCS. Jack has become a friend over the last few years because he has spoken in Honolulu for HIM conferences and seminars, and has preached at our church (First Prez Honolulu) where he also led a couple of healing services.

I like Jack. He one of those guys who are sold out for Jesus. He’s smart, he knows the Bible like the back of his hand, and he believes in the power of the Holy Spirit and what He can do through us if we will only make ourselves available.

The weekend wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to the Lincoln Memorial. It’s always a touching experience for me, especially when I think about President Lincoln and all that he did for us. I’ve been to the memorial many times before but never at night. Wow. It was absolutely striking!


With Jack Deere, one of the speakers and organizers of the New Canaan Society conference in Washington DC.


Author and Pastor Tim Keller speaking at the New Canaan Society conf in Washington DC this weekend.


With Dr. Larry Crabb, Bible teacher, psychologist, conference and seminar speaker.


With one of the founders of New Canaan Society, Jim Lane.


Greg Brenneman, one of the speakers at the NCS Conference who encouraged business leaders to be all in for Jesus. Greg has amazing credentials and is known for major turnarounds of companies. He is the former CEO of Quiznos, Burger King and Continental Airlines. He’s currently the chairman of CCMP Capital.

With author Eric Metaxas at New Canaan Society conference.

Tim Keller (right) interviewing Eric Metaxas (left).


Dan and Andy Crouch

Whenever I go to Washington DC I like to see the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. Over the years I have never been there at night. It’s always a touching experience for me as I think about President Lincoln and all that he did for us, as well as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech given there. But I have never been there at night. Wow! Even it’s even more striking.
Ever wonder what it looks like behind Lincoln’s Memorial? Check the detail of his coat/robe.


With friends: (L-R) Eliot Kang (Peter Kang’s brother), Bill Hwang, Rich Halvorson, Kirk Leavy, and Abraham Lincoln ….uh… looking over me … my head that is.

Where in the World is Dan Chun?

28 Jul

Well, the Chuns are in New York this week! One of our stops was “Ippudo NY,” a ramen shop on Fourth Avenue, and allegedly has the best ramen in the world.




What Dan ate.




What Pam ate.




Hamachi Carpaccio




Fantastic porkbuns.



Where they deliciously put it all together.





Ramen under the glass counter.




Bowls lining the walls behind the bar.


Best Beef Lentil Soup

20 Jul

I had the all-time, very best beef lentil soup! It’s from a restaurant called Il Cane Rosso (meaning “the red dog”) at the Ferry Building on the wharf in San Francisco. I also had strawberry bread pudding. Incredible!


Woo-hoo for Yahoo!

20 Jul

Spent the day with family visiting the Yahoo! office in San Francisco where my daughter Noelle works.