Good to Be Home

16 Aug

I’m baaack…. Just got back from Seattle, San Francisco, Alaska and British Columbia. I’ll be posting some photos soon, so stay tuned. There are a lot to choose from, as you can imagine, and I need some time to sort through them all. Glaciers, friends and family…headshots of me…what do you want to see? 


Just finished reading The Big Short, about the fall of the Stock Market and banks by Michael Lewis (author of The Blind Side, Moneyball, etc). Excellent read! Great sermon material on greed and stupidity, too. Not that you folks need to hear anything about either of those topics….

Also just got through the galley draft of Guy Kawasaki’s new book, The Art of Enchantment: How to Woo, Influence, and Persuade, (about how to enchant people to follow your cause or buy your product). Very cool book that will be helpful to leaders and manager on how to enchant potential customers and employees and bosses. It’s filled with great examples and Guy’s expertise on becoming an enchanter. The book will teach you all you need to know about wooing, persuading and influencing others.

What’s also really cool is how he used social media to gather content for this book. He used his blog to solicit personal stories of enchantment for the book, gathering many examples of how people, products, services, organizations, ideas or causes swept people off their feet. Then, he got, a company that designs your logo in one day and then blasts it on all their social media channels for the world to see, to design his book cover!

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